Our Story

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Our Story

Celebrating 40 Years of History In The Baking


In the 1950’s, when our founder, Gina Costa, immigrated to America from Palermo, Sicily, she brought with her a special gift which was to shape the lives of her family for generations to come. Her gift was a passion. Gina loved to cook, and when Gina cooked  people came from far and wide to eat. There was never an empty seat at Gina’s table.img_9416

In 1975, after raising two fine sons, Gina fulfilled her lifelong dream and opened the doors of the  very first Gina’s Pizza Restaurant in Corona Del Mar California. The rest, as they say, is history in  the baking!

Today the Costa family still faithfully honors Gina’s recipes and traditions. We slow cook all of our dishes and sauces from the finest ingredients and make as much as possible from CDM70scratch. Gina was great because she refused to lower her standards and at Gina’s Pizza we have the same mission.img_8932

The Costa family, along with our Partners and Crew Members, feel privileged to work in an  environment with a long-standing history of quality, and every day we work hard to keep Gina’s  legacy alive.

We hope when you dine with us you will be nourished and inspired to enjoy life to the fullest as  she did. Buon Appetito!